Frequently Asked Questions

1What equipment is included?
Along with our electric touring bikes we provide bike helmets, bike locks, and bike bags for you to store your items in.
2What if my group is bigger than 10 people?
We only have 10 specialized e-mountain bikes, but we also are able to provide electric road bikes with thicker tires for larger groups.
3Where do we meet up to get on the e-bikes?
If you have booked through us at one of our recommended hotels we can meet at these locations.

If you have booked a day tour or you have your own accommodation we meet at the AINSI: an old renovated cement bagging factory on the Maas River. Here we meet up for a drink and get acquainted with your e-bike.
4What if I want to arrange my own accommodations?
Feel free to pick any accommodation you like! Our region is filled with many unique and practical places to stay.

Unfortunately, we are not able to bring our e-bikes to your location. The meet up location would be at the AINSI.

Please let us know where you are staying. We might be able to work something out, but our bikes are usually located at this location unless you stay with one of the hotels provided on our website.
5Do I have to buy lunch on the trip or can I bring my own?
We provide lunches on our multi-day tours, but on our single day tours lunch is not included. If you prefer to bring your own food we can also have a picnic instead. Or maybe we can visit the local bakery or market in town. We are open to suggestions.

Although, one of the charms of our trips is to eat at unique one of a kind locations but we can always just stop for a drink instead.
6Can I take pictures on the ride?
Of course! All pictures taken are yours and yours alone. Feel free to make as many photos as you like, but please be mindful of the group and their experience.
7What should I wear?
Special bike clothing is not necessary on our trips, but we do advise to dress comfortably. If you do have special bike clothing it does make being on the saddle more comfortable.
8What other trips do you provide?
For groups of 8 or more people we also provide special themed tours on request.

Some examples are: Teambuilding tours, Nature tours, Wild scavenging tours, Gastronomic tours, Castle tours, Beer tours, Wine tours, City tours and more.

Do you have special request? Please share and we can see what we can do for you.
9How is the off pavement riding?
Off pavement riding is typically similar to riding 125-200% farther than riding a road bike on a paved surface.

For example, if the ride is 10 miles off road on a mountain-bike then the equivalent paved surface distance ridden would range from 12.5-20 miles (20-30 km).
10Can I decide how long we bike?
This is possible if all four participants agree. On average our tours last up to 4 hours, but can be adjusted based on the track and trail conditions and your preferences.
11Can I also get off the e-bike to do other activities when the opportunity allows?
If all four participants agree, we are open to you taking short hikes, relaxing by the water with hot weather, or just plain lounging around in the sun.

Our long daylight hours allows for all kind of non-cycling activities during the day.
12Can I use the e-bike after the tour in the evenings?
We would love to have you enjoy the bike in the after-hours, but unfortunately we can't insure our bikes against accidents and theft.

If you would like to ride around town after the tour we can arrange for a regular bike.
13What are the riding times and distances
From our experience people typically ride 6-9 miles per hour (9.5 – 14.5 kilometers per hour) exclusive of stops and rest breaks.
14Do the prices cover the entrance fees?
All entrance fees including Thermae 2000 are covered by the multiday package tour.
15Fees and supplemental charges
Any extra costs for food and beverages at our lunch stops in excess of the agreed upon amount and any supplemental health/wellness treatment costs are the financial responsibility of the user accruing these charges.
16Do we have to go to the Thermal Spa?
Thermae 2000 is optional. We can also extend our time on the bike.
17How do I get to your office?
Getting to our office location is quite easy. Just follow the west side of the Maas River road heading south. Just before the Belgium border is an old cement factory with huge letters that say "AINSI" on the side of the building. You are here! You can ring our bell and once inside the building, behind the staircase, take the elevator to the third floor. Our office is the last room all the way down the hallway past the small kitchen.

You can also give us a call outside in the parking lot and we will come and meet you.

By car: the easiest way to get to our office. There is plenty of free space in front of our building to park your car and there are security cameras. From the city center of Maastricht it's about 3 km or 2 miles.

By foot: from the city center of Maastricht it's about 3 km or 2 miles. It's a nice straight walk along the Maas River and you can enjoy the boats sailing by.

By bus: The only bus to stop at our office is the Belgium TEC bus toward Liege, number 78. This bus rides once every hour and leaves from the Maastricht train station bus terminal. Tell the bus driver you want to get out at the ENCI or AINSI.

By cab: From the city center of Maastricht (Vrijthof) to AINSI is € 15 euro. To call: +31 (0)43 326 4747.
18What happens if it's a rainy day?
A rainy day is always a possibility and hard to predict. During rainy days we provide ponchos to keep you dry and we also have a backup plan of activities*. During really bad weather we might have to reschedule or cancel the tour.

*Maastricht city tour: Fort Sint Pieter, Caves of Sint Pieter, Kruisherenhotel, Sint Servaas church, Sint Jans church Bookstore Dominicanen, Basilica of Our Lady, Derlon Museum cellar, Bisschopsmill, Maastricht Spinx building, Timmerfabriek filmhouse and more.

*Visit to Kanne: Caves of Kanne, Eben Emael fort, Château Neercanne and Nato cave.