E-bike the backroads of Limburg

Our goal is to provide you amazing electric bike rides
through the remarkable landscape of the South of Limburg

Riding an e-bike is just plain FUN!

People of all ages can enjoy riding an e-bike with little limitations.

The benefits of our modified electric mountain-bikes are that it allows you to enjoy many different terrains; from flat roads to bumpy back trails. Our e-bikes are up to the task.

Riding electric assisted bikes doesn't mean you won’t be doing any work! You are getting a workout. The energy boost from the batteries helps you to get where you want to be on your terms. This allows you to comfortably travel longer and see more of the world.

Those who have ridden our bikes are hooked. It's liberating, it's adventurous, it's comfortable and most of all, you are in control.

With all this in mind, our goal is to provide you access to amazing electric bike rides through our remarkable homeland in the South of Limburg!

What to expect

The south of Limburg is an undiscovered treasure trove.

Old castles, hamlets, and farmsteads are all spread out over this beautiful landscape.
At the heart of it lies the old medieval capital; Maastricht, the oldest city of the Netherlands.

Also known as biking paradise thanks to its varied landscapes, rolling hills and off road trails, South Limburg sits on the three border point of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (both Dutch and French speaking sides) leading to an interesting mixture of unique history, culture, and cuisine.

The locals live gentle country life in a land that is picturesque, charming, and full of surprises at every turn.
Perfect for a holiday with new discoveries.


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