Mosa Ebike Tours uses customized electric mountain bikes (e-MTB’s) specifically adjusted for off-road trails making them great for touring. We consider these bikes to be the best bike to ride in a wide variety of road and trail conditions.

Easy for the casual rider to master and providing more than enough power for advanced riders on the more technical trails.

For larger groups above 10 people we provide a different type of touring bike. For more information please contact us here.

These e-bikes have front shock frames (known as hard tails) and use a 29” diameter wheel, which lets the bike float over bumps with no problem. The bikes are equipped with Bosch CX motors (75 NW of torque with 500 watt batteries).

We have over 20,000 miles of experience with these types of bikes and we have customized our new touring bikes to provide riders with maximum versatility for a wide variety of rides (from urban sightseeing day trips to extended multi-day back country tours).

  • Tires suited to our unique riding conditions
  • Adjustable handlebar stem (15 to 60 degrees of adjustment) to accommodate a variety of riding postures
  • Relaxed raised handlebars for better visibility
  • Front and rear safety lights, bell, water bottle cage and front fender
  • Top quality gel-filled seat cushions
  • A second 500 watt battery/charger to allow more riding and less charging
  • Pump, tools, spare tubes, repair kit and a heavy-duty kickstand
  • Extended length seat tubes and seats with longer rails for taller riders
  • Theft-proof lock and security chain
  • Aluminum rear rack with waterproof touring bags for your gear
  • Bike helmets
  • Enthusiastic guides with in depth local knowledge