Our goal is fun and a great adventure

There is so much to see and do in the South of Limburg that we also have dedicated trips with special themes.

Culture, great food, nature and much more! What better way to discover it all then with an electric touring bike.

The themed tours are available for groups of minimum 4 people . If you are interested, please contact us through our contact form.


Wine Tour

You might not realize it, but the Limburg valleys are excellent wine growing regions. The rich limestone ground makes for a good soil base and produces quality red and white wines.

By e-bike we travel along the vineyard and stop for a visit at the local wineries for a sip of wine.

*diner tip in town: Wine restaurant 'Mes Amis’.

Beer Tour

Belgium is home to some of the best beers in the world. So good in fact, that Belgium beer has become UNESCO protected thanks to its long history and fantastic taste.

On this tour we visit a beautiful 800 year old Trappist monastery where priests still make their own beer. Later on we visit a beer connoisseur and relax in his beer garden while sampling different kinds of brews.

Modern Art Tour

Along the Geul River lies a beautiful castle domain where nature and modern art come together. Visit the Hedge House and have a picnic in the beautiful award winning gardens. For art lovers and e-bike enthusiasts this small scale museum is the perfect combination!

Our route covers some wonderful trails through the Heuveland District including an 18% grade (we ride down that one!)

Maastricht City Tour

Maastricht is a culturally rich and charming little city; perfect to explore with an e-bike, which will have you floating over the old cobblestone roads.

We will bike through the city streets and passageways and visit beautiful churches, neighborhoods and parks. Every street corner is a treasure trove of history and beauty.

Nature Tour

Limburg is the perfect balance between farmland and nature intertwined, also know as a bocage landscape.

On the nature tour you will learn about the different types of land formations, flora and fauna.

Our local knowledgeable guide will also point out what plants your can and can’t eat. Always good to know in survival situations!

WO II Tour

Maastricht has strategically always been an important stronghold of many wars of the past. From Roman times to Napoleon up until the last big war.

On our WOII war tour we visit the Belgium Fort Eben-Emael bunker complex, the Margraten US military cemetery and other military points of interest along the way.

Mine Route Tour

The South of Limburg was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in continental Europe. Once forgotten, the old train rails that were once used for coal transport have been transformed into hidden green ways for bikes!

We follow these train lines heading towards the UNESCO protected coal mine of Blegny. After our visit we head to a little old re-purposed train station for lunch.

Your Tour

Have your own theme or route in mind? Do you have something special you would like to organize on an e-bike?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your own ideas. Together we can craft your next e-bike tour!